Gichin Fuhiniu
Intuitive transformation coach

You cant change your external reality until your internal belief systems change. Sign up now to be the change you want to see in the world. 

There’s no better time than the present!

With the approval & Guidance of my ancestors, my life’s purpose is “Impact” the world and to be in the service of others. revolutionising human connection

About Me

I’ve Revolutionised the health and wellness industry. Founder of “Energy Central” first of its kind, and the Gixh Energy collective coaching. Built to give our community the tools and knowledge to change their own health and wellness and inspire those around them to create healthier, happier, connected and motivated individuals. 

The six things that happen when you meet me

Rewire your brain

mind body coherence

Transform your body & life

attract more money

Find your purpose

Have more Energy

My trainees say

I think you can see it in our results, i lost 9.7kgs and thats attributed to becoming aware whats the right types of foods and exercise for our body types. the biggest difference i notice now is my energy levels throughout the day.

Maruata Reweti

He transformed my mind and body to enter and achieve a 2nd place in my first body building competition." thanks for the passion and heart i can wait to see what comes next

Will Orrick

Shout out to Gichin Who helped me train and win my first ever body building comp and powerlifting comp all in the same year

One mum mission

the secret to getting started is getting started

commit to health is wealth

Challenge yourself.
Change happens just outside your comfort zone